Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights


Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights

Find the pieces to reassemble the most powerful power generator in the world!
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“Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights” develops in Berlin, as its name indicates. The story begins at Berlin’s International Airport where an investigation group arrives to investigate a peculiar mystery. Apparently, during World War 2 a super special power generator was created which could satisfy world energy needs by its own. Now, this group of investigators has to find out where its parts are in order to be able to reassemble it.
Beyond the story, the game is a game which could be categorized into the “seek & find” category. The story gives a frame for the game to develop, that’s all. Once you are playing the game what you have to do is to find certain items in different messy scenes. The game will provide a list and some hints in case you get stuck.
In the map you’ll be able to see all the places you’ll have to visit during your investigation. During some stages of the investigation you’ll have to solve puzzles in more than one location. On the left you can see how many hidden objects you need to find altogether throughout in all locations in order to successfully complete the stage.
When you first enter the game, you’ll get to the main menu with the following options on it:
- Change User: the first time there’s no existing player. After you create one or more, they’ll be saved. When you enter into this submenu, you’ll be asked for a name as a new player. It’s possible to have a list of different profiles and record their performance. This way, you can play home tournaments with family and friends.
- Play: to start playing the game in the story mode (consisting in 74 levels), after viewing a brief game introduction.
- Free play: to start playing the game in this mode (consisting in 20 levels).
- Settings: this is the menu from which you can set some game options like sound volume, music volume, and full screen.
- High Scores: the page from where you can see your accomplishments in the game.
- How to play: containing some help information to help you get started.
- Credits and Exit: no further explanation required.
You can try this game for 60 minutes before you buy the licensed version. If you like it, you can buy this game for only 19.95 dollars, right from the Oberon Media Game Center, on the Web.
About the system requirements, is not that big computer that you need in order to run this game. Take a look to the list:
• Windows Vista; Windows XP
• 64 MB Graphics Card
• 256 MB RAM
• Sound Card recommended

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  • It has great graphics and sound effects
  • It’s a very interesting game since its complexity
  • You can buy it for an affordable price


  • The interface is only available in English
  • It’s not a multiplayer game
  • Use on network is not supported


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